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Follower of Guthix

We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.
- John Hope Franklin

What will it take to tame her heart tbh.

Well i mean thats not impossible



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[Ranged Abilities] ::
Binding Shot ::Fire a shot which interrupts your targets attack for 3 seconds and binds them in place for up to 10 seconds and deals 100% weapon damage.
Bombardment ::Fire a volley of shots into the air, which come raining down dealing 219% weapon damage to your target and all adjacent enemies.
Dazing Shot ::Shoot an arrow that detonates on contact with the target, dazing them. Deals 157% weapon damage. Target suffers a 10% decrease to accuracy on their next attack
Deadshot ::Boom! Fire a deadly shot at your target with deals 188% weapon damage instantly, and a further 313% weapon damage over 6 seconds.
Escape ::Leap backwards up to 7 meters to help you maintain range from your target.
Fragmentation Shot ::Fires a shot which fragments on impact, causing your target to suffer damage equal to 100-188% weapon damage over 6 seconds. If the target moves location, they suffer 2x damage.
Incendiary Shot :: an ultimate Ranged ability. When activated, the player fires a shot into their target which detonates after 3 seconds, dealing 250% to 350% weapon damage, and he or she will gain 10% adrenaline for every critical hit they land in the next 30 seconds.
Piercing Shot ::Shoot your target with a shot dealing 94% weapon damage, or 125% weapon damage if they're stunned.
Rapid Fire ::Rapidly fire at your target, dealing damage equal to 94% of weapon damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. Combo attack.
Ricochet ::Fire a shot which ricochets off your target, hitting 2 additional nearby targets for 100% weapon damage each.
Shadow Tendrils ::Shadow tendrils whip at your feet multiple times in quick succession for 33-250% weapon damage. They then strike your opponent once for 66-500% weapon damage
Snapshot ::Fire 2 shots in quick succession dealing 100-120% weapon damage on your first shot and 100-210% weapon damage on your second shot
Snipe ::Take aim at your target, dealing 125%-219% weapon damage after 1.8 seconds, disabling protection prayers in PvP. Combo attack.
Tight Bindings ::Fire a shot which stuns your target for 3 seconds and binds them in place for up to 10 seconds and dealing 200% weapon damage.



Noire Siham

Name//Noire Siham
Age// 24
[Birthday is June 14th]
Race// Human

[WEAPON] :: Winged Bow [Named and Crafted by herself, She had it enchanted so it's impossible to burn or break. Too proud of her work to let it just be trashed so easily.]

[HEIGHT] :: 5’4”

[WEIGHT] :: 120 lbs

Ranged :: Her strongest ability [lvl 99] she uses a bow and arrow as her main weapon of choice, she commonly uses it to help her hunt, or strike down enemies coming after her while she was trying to do something.
Defence :: Helps her be able to resist attacks [Lvl 70]
Agility :: Ability to sneak and move around swiftly without being noticed [ Lvl 70]
Thieving :: Helps her steal back items that others have stolen from the innocent, and sometimes grab her some free food [sadly] [lvl 60]
Crafting :: Create items like clothing and objects [Lvl 99]
Hunter ::Hunts animals for mostly food [Lvl 50]
Cooking ::Cooks food [Lvl 50]
Smithing ::Create weapons [Lvl 60]

Weaknesses/Vulerablities// -She's not good in groups and prefers to work alone.
- Close combat is a disaster for her, she can't handle it.
- She finds spiders absolutely horrifying
- Relies too much on hiding spots to hunt or strike down enemies, panics a little when shes out in the open.
- Sometimes has a bad habit with stealing for food or drinks for herself.

Personality/Backstory: Noire is a more calm and collected type of woman. It's honestly hard to piss her off, but she doesn't like to make herself known too often. Known to keep herself hidden more than not, literally nobody is aware of her existance, not even the World Guardian himself, despite her constant stops to observe him from a distance. She believes in doing what she thinks is right, and does not care at all for the gods, believing that Guthix is in the right for wanting the gods to have nothing to do with the living beings, and that humans should make their own choices instead of relying on the gods to make said choices for them. Quiet and to herself most of the time, if she makes a friend, she'll often open up to them more than what she would with anyone else. She has a wild side to her, being that she lived in the wild since she turned 18, she relies on instincts and good eyesight to survive, especially when it comes to hunting. When angered how ever, people have learned to stay far from her, be it that they get on her bad side, as she can be very aggressive despite her usual passive behavior otherwise.

Theres nothing really big about her history, other than the fact she went off to fend for herself at a young age by her own choice. Before that, she lived a normal life with her family, other than the fact she had a gift for craftsmanship. Having mastered Crafting, she wanted to move on, using the bow she made by hand to practice her ranged. At the age of 18, she was fully aware of what was honestly going on with the world, but chose to ignore it. She cared nothing for the gods who existed at the time, instead she was more focused on learning what she could about the people around her, watching from a distance, or even finding ways to retrieve stolen items for others, even if it caused her to steal them back. Only a handful of people really knew who she was, and she prefered it that way, a few of them being friends, others who just happened to catch her doing what they deemed wrong.
As the years passed, she grew more and more aware of what was happening around her, and taking interest in a man who seemed to go about doing these strange things, and who often seemed to have something to do with the gods. She chose to ignore it for the time being, still believing that Guthix was in the right, and that everything else was just ridiculous. Even until her current age, she simply watches everything unfold, still helping those who required help.

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