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"Don't....Don't leave me ok..?"

✿ [friends~]✿
"Ehehe~ We should play a game!"


✘[Get LOST]✖
"Go die"
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Resting on the branch of a tree, she sighed, for some reason she hasn't seen usopp lately, and just narrowly missed being dragged into hazama's current game. Watching the lovey dovey couples walk by she became irritated, was it something about her that usopp didn't like? Why wasn't he talking to her? And not one gift [Not that she didnt mind] from him, nor even a "happy valentines day" what was she to do...?


Noire Siham
Name:Norie Siham
Race: Half Hylian Half Shekiah
Eye Color:Green
Hair colour:Red
Main Weapons: A bow and Arrows
*Is fast
*Good at distance fighting.
*She can't fight in close distances
*Can't fight against swords
*any type of curse that slows her down
*easily injured.

She's very straight forward, she tends to tell the truth how she sees it, weither it is an insult to the other or not. Usually timid, doesn't attack unless threatened or put in danger. Shes usually quiet otherwise, and only speaks if something needs to be said. Although if angered just enough, she will raise her voice, in attempt to scare the other off. She lived a normal life, quiet and peaceful, her parents raised her as an archer because she was physically weak. The only real problem was that she refused to worship the goddesses like the other shekiah. Which basically made her a bit of an outcast. She didn't mind though, she prefered to take the time alone to read. So not only did she grow up learning archery, she also grew up reading and learning things that not many hylians took the time to learn. At 15 she traveled around, ending up in unknown places and getting lost here and there. She's been through a few temples here and there, writing down in her notebook, things shes discovered here and there. Also, now that she's in this torn/distorted world, she's used her speed to her advantage, causing a bit of michef here and there. She takes the nickname "Chesire Cat" Because she appears, causes somewhat of unwanted trouble, and then vanishes. Which explains the fake ears and tail.

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"Oh hello.. Please, get out of my way." She said, coldly. She was infront of you, in the woods.
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